I am a Post-Doctoral Fellow in Economics at HEC Lausanne and a Visiting Fellow at Brown University.

My research interests are in Economic Growth & Development, Economic History, and Political Economy.

I obtained my PhD in Economics in December 2015 from
Sciences Po, Paris.

Please download my
CV [pdf] for more information.

You can write me an email: johannes.buggle@unil.ch.

Growing Collectivism: Irrigation, Group Conformity and Technological Divergence

This paper examines the agricultural origins of collectivist cultures that emphasize group conformity over individual autonomy. In line with the hypothesis that collaboration within groups in pre-industrial agriculture favored the emergence of collectivism, I find that societies whose ancestors practiced irrigation agriculture are more collectivist today. The positive effect of irrigation on contemporary collectivist norms holds across countries, sub-national districts within countries, and migrants. For causal identification, I instrument the historical adoption of irrigation by its geographic suitability. Furthermore, this paper establishes that, by favoring conformity, irrigation agriculture has contributed to the global divergence of technology. I document (i) a negative effect of traditional irrigation agriculture on contemporary innovativeness of countries, cities, and migrants; (ii) a positive effect on selection into routine-intensive occupations; and (iii) that the initial technological advantage of irrigation societies was reversed after 1500.

Paper (9/2017) | Online Appendix


Law and Social Capital: Evidence from the Code Napoleon in Germany
European Economic Review, 2016, vol. 87, pp. 148-175
Paper | Online Appendix

Essays on Culture, Institutions and Long-Term Development

Working Paper

Climate Risk, Cooperation and the Co-Evolution of Culture and Institutions, (with R. Durante)

The Slow Road from Serfdom: Labor Coercion and Long-Run Development in the Former Russian Empire, (with S. Nafziger)

Economic Growth, Lecture, University of Lausanne, Spring 2016, 2017.

HEC Lausanne
Quartier UNIL-Dorigny
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