Post-Doctoral Fellow at HEC Lausanne.

Research interests: Growth & Development, Economic History, and Political Economy.

CV [pdf]



"Growing Collectivism: Irrigation, Group Conformity and Technological Divergence"
Journal of Economic Growth, 2020, 25(2), pp. 147-193

"The Slow Road from Serfdom: Labor Coercion and Long-Run Development in the Former Russian Empire"
(with Steven Nafziger), forthcoming The Review of Economics and Statistics

"Law and Social Capital: Evidence from the Code Napoleon in Germany"
European Economic Review, 2016, vol. 87, pp. 148-175

"Essays on Culture, Institutions and Long-Term Development" (dissertation summary)
Journal of Economic History, 2017, vol. 77(2)

Working Paper

"The Refugee's Dilemma: Evidence from Jewish Outmigration in Nazi Germany",
(with Thierry Mayer, Seyhun Sakalli, and Mathias Thoenig)

"Climate Risk, Cooperation and the Co-Evolution of Culture and Institutions"
(with Ruben Durante) , Cond. Accepted Economic Journal

Work in Progress

"Technological Innovations in Electoral Campaigns: Direct Canvassing and Partisan Mobilization",
(with S. Vlachos)

Development Economics, Graduate Lecture, University of Lausanne, Fall 2018.

Economic Growth, Graduate Lecture, University of Lausanne, Spring 2018.

Department of Economics
University of Lausanne
Quartier UNIL-Dorigny
Bâtiment Internef, office 501.1
1015 Lausanne

mail: johannes.buggle@unil.ch

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